Melanie Dizon is a designer and storyteller by nature. Her creative process is diverse and lyrical as she celebrates the metaphorical language of form and function. Dizon has a recent accreditation from Cal Earth Institute for SuperAdobe earth building and holds a PDC from Midwest Permaculture Group. She currently consults as an interior designer and project manager for Dizon Collective where she implements her eye for color, texture, and spatial awareness in order to create immersive experiences and environments.

In addition to spatial design, Melanie holds 16 years of experience in fashion with her eponymous women’s accessory brand melanieDIZON where she garnered the loyalty of fans as Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, and Kate Hudson and were featured in fashion publications as Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, In Style, Lucky, W, and Nylon Magazine. She later launched a men’s accessory brand called theMADLY that catered to boutique markets as Beams in Japan and Barney’s. Dizon has since consulted for Converse, Jack Purcell, and Manufacture Pascal. 

"To the extent that we are on a 'spaceship', we have never been merely its passengers, nor (as is often said) its stewards, nor even its maintenance crew: we are its designers and builders." David Deutsch